What are Self-Directed Retirement Plans?

Powerful Self-Directed Features for the Motivated Investor

  • Invest in alternative assets
  • Leverage your knowledge
  • Use your experience
  • Capitalize on relationships
  • Minimize risk
  • Increase returns
  • Diversify your portfolio
  • Invest in non-correlated assets
  • Be an opportunistic investor
  • Directly control your investments

Self-directed retirement plans for IRAs Self-Directed IRAs, SDIRAs – and Qualified Plans  – Solo 401k and Defined Benefit Plans – enable investors to take control of their futures and enhance the appeal of tax-advantaged retirement accounts. Self-directed retirement plans –  including SDIRAs, Solo 401Ks, and Pension Plans  – can invest in real estate, hard money lending, private placements, notes & mortgages, private equity, precious metals & coins, hedge funds, litigation finance, tax liens & deeds, private lending, Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies and nearly all alternative assets. Self-directed retirement plans can, of course, be invested in all traditional assets, as well.

Self-directed retirement plans closely conform to the limitations and flexibility outlined in tax law. Unlike traditional retirement plans that impose restrictions on account holders’ freedom to invest, self-directed retirement plans are designed to give you the investment freedom permitted by law.

Checkbook control of your self-directed account gives you complete control over investment of your funds and makes investing as easy as using a checking account.

Are Self-Directed Retirement Plans Right For You?

If you plan for your future and are knowledgeable about alternative investment strategies self-directed retirement plans are right for you.

If you’ve ever wished for greater control of your retirement plan’s investments – self-directing will make that a reality. If investment opportunities have come your way, but your investable assets were inaccessible within your retirement plan – self-directing will give you the access you need.

There is a better way to invest your retirement funds and manage your future

Checkbook control empowers you to manage your tax burden, plan for retirement, and invest as you wish.

Envision the possibilities, security, and freedom that come along with directing your own future. Use your knowledge and experience to reduce volatility and maximize returns.

Why it’s better? Because it’s designed for you, not for financial institutions.

Checkbook control retirement planning was launched with  the 1996 landmark ruling of the U.S. Tax Court in Swanson v. Commissioner, in which the court ruled that the IRS’s “position with respect to this issue was unreasonable as a matter of both law and fact” and required the IRS to pay the taxpayer’s litigation cost. The legality of the structure was subsequently reaffirmed by the IRS, in 2001, when it issued TAM 2001280011. In that memorandum, the Office of the Chief Counsel of the IRS directed IRS agents not to assert income-tax deficiency due to the use of a self-directed retirement structure: “In light of Swanson, we conclude that a prohibited transaction did not occur…Accordingly, this case should not be pursued as one involving prohibited transactions.”

Despite the clear precedent and IRS guidance regarding self-directed retirement plans, most financial institutions choose not to offer them – and for good reason…self-directed accounts don’t align well with financial institutions’ business models whereby they make money by managing funds and executing stock trades. But, for those that choose to take control of their futures, self–directed retirement plans are the clear choice. In fact, the U.S. Government Accountability Office estimated that as of 2015 there were in excess of 500,000 self-directed IRA retirement accounts invested in “unconventional assets.”

Today countless people use self-directed accounts

So how does it work?

Self-directing with checkbook control makes investing as simple as writing a check. The set-up process includes a free consultation to determine the best plan for you and help you choose the structure that meets your goals. If you choose self-directing, we’ll facilitate a smooth transition.

It is important to note that self-directed retirement accounts entail a greater level of compliance responsibility on the part of the account owner. We provide extensive educational materials to help guide you. Founded by a CPA, we’re uniquely positioned to serve your retirement planning needs.

If you need help at any time, we’re just a phone call or an email away.

So…Should you make the switch to self-directing?

So should you switch? The surprising answer: It’s your choice!

At ReSure LLC, we offer you choices. Self-directing is about taking control and choosing. Only you can do that.

Why choose self-directing? To be empowered to make the choices that determine your future. Think of the opportunities you could access by self-directing your retirement account.

Ready to get started?

Self-directing is about investing in you and your future. Accelerate your growth, get started with self-directing today and experience the alternative way.