ReSure Client Testimonials: QRP, 401(k) & SDIRA

J Rosell

“ReSure’s integrity and expertise is superb! There is no other company like them. I did extensive research before choosing ReSure and am familiar with many service providers. The people at ReSure genuinely care about you and pay attention to the minutest of details. >>> As a ReSure client, I attest that they know more about taxes, LLCs, and self-directed investing than any CPA or attorney that I’ve spoken too. >>> I can now clearly see that other firms are just out to sell you “boilerplate” paperwork. without giving you the honest education and tax strategy that you need for self-directed investing success. >>> ReSure is the only firm that gives you a totally customized SDIRA or QRP account set-up, along with detailed guidance for every step of the process. >>> I would even say that there’s huge tax and financial risk to working with anyone else, especially someone that does not have any tax or legal background. When it comes to SDIRA and QRP rules, it’s not worth taking any chances. There are companies that charge double and triple ReSure’s fees that just gave me misinformation that could cost you a fortune in taxes and IRS penalties. >>> ReSure has given me a thorough and honest education, telling me what is and what isn’t doable, so that I can move forward with confidence. Thank you Bernard and Team for your amazing service!”  J Rosell

Isaac C.

“Wow, nothing but good things to say about ReSure! When looking for a Company to open my Solo 401k Plan, ReSure LLC stood out significantly from the rest because they had personalized service and were extremely knowledgeable. Even before becoming a client, I was able to give them a call and speak to an extremely knowledgeable professional who could even give me tax advice regarding what type of investment vehicle would be right for my specific situation.

Typically, whenever reaching out to other potential firms, they would always tell me I should “ask a CPA,” which is quite baffling at times because they want me to open an investment account and they can’t even provide tax expertise? ReSure was able to answer all my tax questions without a problem, and it really made me more comfortable knowing that they had CPAs working for them.

Further dealings with ReSure, it became quite clear that they were extremely knowledgeable on all tax issues and could provide a level of service and integrity that was by far greater than any other firm I spoke with. They catered to my specific needs and were even able to work with my banker to get my account set up. Not only did they provide all these over and above services, but the fees they charged were cheaper than the competitions. So, lower fees and higher services, seems like a win-win to me!

Overall, I highly recommend ReSure for all retirement account services. They were extremely knowledgeable, reasonably priced, and were very helpful and could answer all my questions I had. A++”  Isaac C.

Chuck W.

“Perfect Competence, Efficiency, Reassurance . . . ah, but I’m getting ahead of myself!

Imagine yourself in a foreign country, trapped in a hot, smoggy traffic jam. You can barely breathe, and don’t even know the words to ask for directions. That’s how I felt while struggling to set up a new real-estate investment via a new 401K trust: hemmed in by a welter of obscure forms, lingo, and requirements.

Happily, an expert guide appeared who spoke my language – and for a very reasonable fee. Bernard Reisz of ReSure, in his crisp, incisive manner, quickly cut through the smog of confusion, explaining in clear terms exactly which turns I needed to take in order to make my way to the open road and clear air.

Bernard can tell you everything you need to know about many accounting issues; in my case, setting up a 401K trust. His complete mastery of the topic means he will clear away complications precisely, simply, and briefly, then send you on your way with renewed confidence. And all the while he treats you in a manner that is cordial, friendly, informative, and engaging.

He also pays you the respect of answering those frantic late-night phone calls as quickly and calmly as anyone can – and in a welcoming manner. In terms of knowledge, competence, and humanity, Bernard Reisz is a godsend. I’ve both benefited from and enjoyed my chats with him, and am grateful to have met the perfect guide to lead me out of that murky gridlock. If you like clear air, I’m sure you too will be glad you called ReSure.”  Chuck W. 

Tim P.

“I searched online for information about opening a Solo 401K account to legally shield my retirement investing in alternative investments (i.e., crypto assets, etc) and found, which is owned and operated by Mr. Bernard Reisz (CPA) of ReSure LLC. His website is very informative regarding a 401K Solo account and it detailed the many benefits of opening such an account.

Here’s how I rate ReSure:

(1) Communication: (10/10). I corresponded with Mr. Reisz and was pleasantly surprised to find that he is readily available to answer questions and his communications was quick and helpful. I was able to get answers to my questions by email and with a few follow up phone conversations. These days, many businesses have automated answering system and have become very impersonal so I am glad to find Mr. Reisz stood out in being accessible.

(2) Expertise: (10/10). I found that Mr. Reisz is a professional and an expert in his field and was able to answer my financial questions regarding a Solo 401K Check Book account.

(3) Well-Connected: (10/10). Mr. Reisz is also well-connected; he was able to refer me to a bank that handles Solo 401K checking account to set up a EIN and keep my retirement investing account separate from my personal account.

2019 is my second year of using Mr. Reisz’s business expert consulting services and I am glad to say that he is still responsive to my questions and has regularly checked in to see how I am doing. Many businesses, once they onboard a new customer, oftentimes neglect existing customers – but ReSure has been exceptional in not falling into this category.

My advice for this biz: keep up the stellar customer service consulting work.

Overall rating: 10/10 = highly recommended

Contact info: Biz owner: Bernard Reisz CPA, CPCU, ARM, ACI

Biz websites:,” – Tim P.

Jose N.

“El nivel de servicio proporcionado por ReSure a través de superó todas mis expectativas. Me Proporcionaron un apoyo para asegurarse de que las cosas se hagan correctamente. Bernard y su equipo respondieron rápidamente a todas mis preguntas. Su asistencia con la transferencia Solo 401k, la cuenta de banco Solo 401k y el préstamo Solo 401k fue muy valiosa. ReSure proporciona un gran valor y se lo recomiendo a cualquiera que esté considerando un Solo 401k.”  Jose N.

Bianca P.

“Getting setup with a Self Directed 401k with ReSure and Bernard was simple and clear. ReSure was great at answering all my questions. A Self Directed 401k isn’t for everyone, but for those of you who are ready to take responsibility for your own growth and future, get setup with ReSure and you will not have any regrets.” – Bianca P.

Jon S.

“Bernard Reisz, my contact at ReSure LLC, is a top-shelf advisor. Bernard worked closely and continuously with me in March 2018 to establish a Self-Directed IRA. Bernard’s expertise and diligent work ethic are motivating and refreshing. His wise counsel significantly eased any trepidations that I might otherwise have experienced during this sometimes difficult process. I recommend ReSure LLC with enthusiasm.” – Jon S.

Lhimell I.

“Bernard Reisz of ReSure LLC was very helpful and knowledgeable. He was very prompt in giving us updates at every step of the establishment of our Solo 401k process and was very meticulous in making sure that we abide by the rules for operating a Solo 401K. He was very easy to reach when we had questions (either by email or phone). My wife and I are very satisfied with his services and we are very confident for the future of our Solo 401K operation with ReSure guiding us every step of the way.” – Lhimell I.

Peter W.

“ReSure was extremely helpful in explaining and setting up my Checkbook Solo 401K. I had many questions before and after setting up the account and always received a prompt reply. I highly recommend Bernard and his company if you want the best personal service. They know their stuff!” – Peter W.

Barry G.

“ReSure has provided exceptional service, beginning with formation of my Checkbook IRA and continuing with ongoing assistance at every step. ReSure’s responsiveness and relationships streamlined the entire process. Lead by a licensed CPA, they are able to handle every aspect of self-directed investing compliance and strategy. I highly recommend Bernard and his team for their level of service and expertise!” – Barry G.

George G.

“ReSure did an excellent job in setting up my LLC. Bernard provided guidance that far exceeded the fee and helped to walk me through a cumbersome process. He spent the time to discuss the numerous dependencies in setting up a Self Directed IRA with checkbook authority. I would strongly recommend ReSure to anyone looking to set up a Self Directed IRA that will focus on real estate investment.” – George G.

David R.

“I worked with Bernard and his team at ReSure to get my Checkbook IRA set-up for real estate private lending and hard money investments. They exceeded my expectations, going well-above and beyond what I expected! Honestly, I could not have have appreciated how invaluable their service is until I experienced it! At least Five Stars!!” – David R.

Raphael K.

“ReSure made the process of opening my Checkbook IRA a real pleasure. They are incredibly knowledgeable and walked me through step- by-step, always explaining the different options with their pros and cons. I would highly recommend them for anyone looking to set up a retirement account.” – Raphael K.

Curtis W.

“Bernard answered all of my questions and made the entire process to setup a Checkbook IRA seamless. I highly recommend ReSure and plan to use them for other Services in the future.” – Curtis W.

Tom M.

“Bernard has been very helpful and generous with his time. I’m very appreciative of his ability and willingness to educate me about the SD 401k. He even took the time to get on the phone with my existing 401k provider to help get the funds properly transferred. I’m happy to recommend ReSure and Bernard.” – Tom M.

Andrew M.

“Bernard and his team provided us with all the information and confidence to start a Solo 401k plan and maximize the control of our plan. He was very attentive and frequently available by email or phone. We’re entering the 2nd year of our plan formation and its great to have a resource for all our questions.” – Andrew M.

Biana L.

“ReSure helped me set up a solo 401k account. The process was seamless and professional from start to finish. They were easy to contact and responded quickly via email and scheduled phone calls. They helped educate me on the process by answering all my questions. I am glad I chose ReSure and would recommend them without reservations.” – Biana L.

Becky C.

“ReSure LLC helped me rollover my 401K to a Solo 401K. It was a fast and easy process and when I needed help they were always just a phone call or email away with the answers. I would highly recommend ReSure LLC to anyone. Thank you, Bernard, for the personal help!” – Becky C.

Tosh H.

“ReSure has been prompt with every questions I had before and after setting up my checkbook IRA. Thank you for your amazing customer service!” – Tosh H.

Dewayne C.

“ReSure has really been patient with me as I have contacted them several times to get me started. Very appreciative to them for holding my hand and getting me through this.” – Dewayne C.

Adam S.

“ReSure was very informative and helpful in what I needed done. I highly recommend them. They are experts in what they do. They communicates quickly and do a thorough job. They also charge less than others that I compared, but do a better and more trustworthy job.” – Adam S.

Frederick J.

“I have nothing but good thing to say about ReSure and their knowledge of setting up my Checkbook IRA. They walked me thru everything to expect and the dos-and-don’ts of having a Checkbook IRA and investing thru a Checkbook IRA. Compared to others, their price is very reasonable. Thanks ReSure.” – Frederick J.

Scott S.

“Thank you, ReSure, for all of your assistance and patience while setting up my Checkbook 401k plan and LLC. ReSure’s fees for this service were extremely reasonable, especially given the amount of extra time spent explaining specifics to me that before now I was not familiar with. Highly Recommended!!” – Scott S.

Kristi C.

“ReSure guided us though setting up our Checkbook IRA for real estate investment. Their expert advice and guidance made the process easy and seamless. We are so happy that Bernard and ReSure were recommended to us. We look forward to working with him and his team.” – Kristi C.