Advisory Services For Self-Directed QRP, 401(k) & SDIRA Investors

Looking for a CPA that’s an expert in QRP & SDIRA? Need QRP & SDIRA advice?

Are you a self-directed retirement account investor needing reliable info & straight-talk about:

  • investing in real estate, precious metals, gold & silver, or crypto-assets with total control retirement accounts?
  • UBIT, UBTI, UDFI & IRS Form 990-T filing?
  • understanding which type of self-directed retirement account is best for your tax profile & financial goals?
  • prohibited transactions & permitted investments for self-directed retirement accounts?
  • QRP & SDIRA internet web info that might be incomplete or misleading?
  • common QRP, SDIRA & 401k mistakes that we see every day?
  • which self-directed retirement account is “best?” QRP, SDIRA, Checkbook IRA-LLC, Checkbook IRA-Trust, Solo 401(k), QRP-LLC, Roth IRA, SEP-IRA, SIMPLE-IRA, HSA…?

Do you want to be strategic with your self-directed retirement account investing?

Do you want to to be IRS & DOL compliant with your QRP and SDIRA investing?

… then you need a CPA that specializes in the use of QRPs, Solo 401(k), & SDIRA for alternative asset investing: real estate, crypto, precious metals, gold & silver, hard money loans, merchant cash advance and many other private & self-directed “off Wall Street” opportunities.

  • If you’re just getting started with self-directed investing using Qualified Retirement Plans & Self-Directed IRAs, take a step back from the internet noise and misdirection, and get reliable info to set you on the right track.
  • If you’ve already started down your self-directed financial journey, or are even well-along your self-directed investing path using a QRP or SDIRA, there’s still opportunity to  optimize. And, if missteps have been made as a result of incomplete info, there may be opportunity to proactively address those to achieve your desired results.

Who is a good fit for a QRP/SDIRA CPA consultation & strategy session?

Whether you’re a:

  • W-2 earner
  • 1099 earner
  • solopreneur
  • partner in a business
  • S-corp or C-corp owner
  • business owner with full-time or part-time employees
  • all of the above or something else

… you’ll get incredible value by consulting a CPA specializing in self-directed retirement accounts!

We interact daily with self-directed investors and see the incredible need for this service for the many well-intentioned investors that “don’t know what they don’t know.” We’ve introduced this service to help you and all self-directed investors make smart & well-informed choices.

While many self-directed retirement account investors only have to concern themselves with the IRS, self-directed retirement accounts adopted by businesses that have employees (e.g., SEP-IRA, QRP, 401k) must also navigate DOL compliance for their self-directed private investments.

Go beyond the FAQ… to the SAQ, or SHOULD ASK QUESTIONS. Some self-directed & alternative questions that you should be asking – and getting answers to:
  • Are QRPs & SDIRAs as good as promoters present them as?
  • Am I losing real estate tax benefits by holding real estate in an SDIRA, 401k, or QRP?
  • How does Unrelated Debt Financed Income, or UDFI, impact my account and investment selection?
  • Are QRPs or Solo 401k plans really the best thing for you?
  • If you have employees, what are the compliance items that must be addressed when establishing a QRP?
  • How can I maximize the tax benefits of self-directed retirement accounts?
  • Are self-storage, short-term rentals, and mobile home parks good investments for QRP/401k/SDIRA?

These are just some of the questions for which the internet provides incomplete or misinformed responses. The value of the best answer over the wrong answer can be worth $100,000s+.

To make educated & strategic choices that take into account your total tax profile, schedule your QRP/SDIRA CPA strategy session.