ReSure’s Checkbook Program

ReSure LLC empowers you to get control of your finances using cutting-edge investment and tax strategies. Do you want to maximize investment performance and minimize taxes? Please fill out the form below for a free expert consultation.

Checkbook Retirement Accounts

Tax-advantaged IRAs, 401(k)s, and Defined Benefit Plans can be invested in real estate, hard money loans, and many other high-performing assets. Harness your tax-free accounts for investing in impactful asset classes.

Checkbook Investment Alternatives

A wealth of opportunity is available to you through alternative investments that are not provided by traditional financial advisers. Up until now, such asset classes have been accessible only to the savviest investors – but advancements in capital raising are rapidly democratizing the investment landscape. Do you want to get into real estate, private loans, merchant cash advance, or other investment with high risk-adjusted returns?