Life Insurance For Real Estate Investors and Professionals

How does life insurance help you meet your financial goals?

✔️ Protection for family and loved ones

✔️ Peace of mind when you’re illiquid

✔️ Cash Value Leverageable for RE

✔️ Tax-Free Retirement Cash

✔️ Dependable Tax-Sheltered Growth

✔️ Financial Liquidity and Flexibility

✔️ Estate and Legacy Liquidity

✔️ Lifetime Tax Free Access to Cash Value

✔️ Tax Free Internal Policy Growth

✔️ IRA and 401k alternative

✔️ Your money works in 2 places at-once

✔️ Tax-free internal compounding

✔️ Tax-free distributions

✔️ Tax-free leverage

✔️ Tax-free death benefit

✔️ Tax-deductible interest

✔️ Guaranteed internal returns

✔️ Leverageable to multiply returns

✔️ No contribution limits

✔️ No Prohibited Transaction rules

✔️ Creditor and bankruptcy protections

Investor-Centric Life Insurance: Flexibility, Stability, Liquidity

The versatility of life insurance is perfectly aligned with real estate investors' needs and preferences

Do you prefer dependability over volatility? Do you need a financial product that can deliver liquidity when you – or your loved ones – need it? Is your net-worth in illiquid assets such as syndications and real estate? Are you, directly or indirectly, highly leveraged through debt on real estate assets? Could you or your heirs possibly be forced to liquidate your holdings and legacy to generate cash? Might a lender ask for life insurance when you take a loan? (yes, they might) 

Life insurance is a loaded and polarizing topic, with vocal opponents and proponents. The reality is that there’s a kernel of truth in every argument and your goal is to execute a financial strategy in accordance with your needs and convictions. That’s why we focus on real estate pros and your unique financial needs.   

Life insurance is a versatile financial tool, uniquely suited to the tax, financial, and investment needs of real estate investors – our foci.

Life insurance comes in many forms: Term Policies, Guaranteed Universal Life (GUL), Indexed Universal Life (“IUL”), Variable Universal Life (“VUL”), Whole Life (“WL”), with each of these coming in an infinite array of configurations, delivered by over 800 insurance companies.

Life insurance is definitely not one-size-fits-all, but every real estate pro needs one size life insurance or another. Frankly, it’s not going to be IUL or VUL; those products may have their place (debatable), but they’re not the best fit for real estate pros for whom the engine of their financial growth is real estate.

If you’re just starting out, you’ll want to get a term policy designed to evolve and grow with you. If you’re further into the real estate investor life cycle, a need for permanent coverage may now be apparent.

When is the time for a real estate pro to address life insurance?

NOW is the time. Life insurance often can NOT be purchased when the need for it becomes glaringly obvious. By getting it now – with a low-cost properly designed term policy – you can guarantee your future insurability.

How can life insurance help you?

Life insurance is the most versatile of financial tools, offering a myriad of potential benefits. With life insurance designed for your needs and preferences, you’ve got the solution in place.

But, life insurance is not one-size-fits-all and real estate investors have unique financial needs.  Some policies are structured purely for death benefit protection and others strictly to maximize the lifetime benefits of life insurance. Yet others are designed to deliver a blend of life insurance policy benefits.  Each policy must be designed and optimized for an investor’s financial goals and needs.

Is Investor Life Insurance the same thing as Infinite Banking® and Bank on Yourself®?

No, RE Investor Life Insurance is not Infinite Banking® and Bank on Yourself®. Although Infinite Banking concepts are a part of RE Investor Life Insurance Design, RE Investor Life Insurance Design addresses your more complex and evolving financial needs for which life insurance can provide a solution.