ReSure Active & Passive Investor Accounts

After assisting 1,000’s of investors with every aspect self-directed investing, we’ve helped countless people achieve massive success and avoid failure. We know what it takes to empower you with the knowledge & tools to achieve your self-directed financial goals.

For your success, you need systems and strategies that are tailored to your goals. When it comes to financial, legal, and tax strategy never accept a one-size-fits-all program.

There are hundreds of strategies and our experience has deeply ingrained in us that to serve you with integrity, we must identify the approach that fits you best.

We implement every form of Checkbook Control IRA, QRP, & 401(k) – so you can be confident that we’ll implement the plan design that’s in your best interest.

ReSure Passive Investor Accounts

Perfect for you, if your goal is to generate passive income from real estate syndications, note funds, had money funds, and Limited Partner opportunities

  • Checkbook QRP option
  • Checkbook 401k option
  • Checkbook IRA option
  • IRA-Owned LLC
  • Full-service facilitation
  • Enhanced asset-protection
  • Guided plan selection process
  • Proprietary compliance assistance
  • Proprietary plan resources

One-time $599 set-up + $29/month

ReSure Active Investor Accounts

Provides everything you need for maximum success as an active investor in real estate, hard money lending, tax liens, and all other active investments

  • Everything in Passive +
  • IRA-Owned Trust option
  • QRP/401k-Owned LLC option
  • IRA-Owned C-Corp option
  • QRP/401k-Owned C-corp option
  • Customized LLC domiciling
  • Multi-tier entity option
  • Comprehensive financial strategy optimization
  • Advanced tax strategy

One-time $1,999 set-up + $39/month

Which is right for you? Passive vs. Active ReSure Investor Accounts

We’ve learned that not all self-directed investors need the same level of customization and have developed a unique approach to deliver exactly what you need.

If you’re self-directing for passive income opportunities only, and not running the investments yourself, many of the factors that we address with active investors may not apply to you. We can assist you with a streamlined & simplified process that provides just the amount of customization that provides you the greatest benefit.

If you’re self-directing as an active investor by creating your own investment opportunities, you’ll maximize your ROI through a plan structure customized for you considering your investment & tax strategy. The difference between getting it optimized and getting it wrong can potentially be worth $100,000’s+.