Self-Directed QRP, SDIRA, Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, Solo 401k, IRA-LLC, IRA-Trust, HSA, ESA

Create tax-sheltered wealth through:

Real estate, Crypto, Hard Money Loans, Tax Liens, Merchant Cash Advance, Private Companies, Precious Metals, Syndications, Litigation Finance, Pre-Settlement Funding, Structured Settlements, Life Settlements, Bitcoin

and so much more.

The RIA Essentials Service includes extensive 1-on-1 consulting time with our in-house CPA, plus members only ongoing live webinars + Q&A to keep you compliant and ensure you’re maximizing your self-directed ROI.

ReSure Investor Account Essentials Options

  • Checkbook 401k option
  • Solo 401(k) Plans
  • Checkbook IRA options
  • IRA-Owned LLC option
  • IRA-Owned Trust option
  • Roth SDIRA
  • Full-service facilitation
  • Guided plan selection process
  • Proprietary educational resources
  • Financial strategy optimization
  • Advanced tax strategy
  • Roth 401k

What is the RIA Essentials Process?

  • An initial 35 minute consultation with ReSure’s in-house CPA to determine the optimal plan & structure for you
  • Comprehensive plan implementation
  • 35 minute consult with ReSure’s in-house CPA to discuss plan compliance, operation & strategy
  • Proprietary educational content and resources

What is the RIA Essentials Cost?

Total transparency – and no surprises – is the goal, so we’re outlining all costs that you may encounter.

  • RIA Essentials 1-time Service Fee: Flat $997 (Includes state LLC formation fee)

Costs that do not apply to all self-directed plan structures, but may be incurred:

    • Solo 401k Annual Document Maintenance: 149/yr (Does not apply to SDIRA-based accounts)
    • SDIRA annual custody fee: $125/yr (Does not apply to Solo QRP & Solo 401k)
    • SDIRA-LLC Registered Agent & Address Services: $119/yr, charged to the IRA-LLC. (Does not apply to Solo QRP & Solo 401k)
      • For IRS compliance purposes, expenses directly related to an IRA-owned LLC should not be paid from personal funds.
      • While it would be for more streamlined for both ReSure and you to include this cost in the flat service fee charged to your personal credit card, for your SDIRA compliance it gets charged to the IRA-LLC. We are aware of SDIRA service providers that include IRA-owned LLC costs – LLC annual reports, registered agent, LLC annual fees – in the fees charged to SDIRA investors’ personal credit cards, putting those SDIRA investors at-risk for IRS non-compliance.

ReSure Investor Account Essentials – a.k.a. RIA Essentials – delivers a streamlined process, without compromising expertise, compliance, or strategy.

ReSure will help you attain the clarity to select the tax-advantaged structure that delivers the highest ROI –  based on your unique tax profile and investment goals –  implement that plan for you from start to finish, and deliver the necessary compliance & strategy education. 

Self-directed investors need customization and ReSure has developed a unique approach to deliver that to you.

If you’re self-directing as an active investor by creating your own investment opportunities, you’ll maximize your ROI through a plan structure customized for you considering your investment & tax strategy. The difference between getting it optimized and getting it wrong can potentially be worth $100,000’s+.

The IRS rules governing self-directed retirement accounts are way more complex than service-providers want you to know. They want to sell you on an account set-up and move on. At ReSure, we want you to succeed and will educate you about the IRS rules, while helping you avoid IRS pitfalls that nobody else will tell you about.

  • You’ll get expert insight to determine whether to use a ReSure IRA, QRP, or 401k based on your tax profile
  • Get help to determine whether you should create additional entities owned by the IRA, QRP, or 401k – such as an LLC, trust or C-corporation
  • Get help to determine in which of the 51 LLC domiciles to establish an LLC to be owned by your retirement account – based on  your investment strategy. We’ll also consider asset-protection, anonymity, state fees and annual compliance requirements
  • We’ll execute and implement the structure that you select, including QRPs and LLCs
  • You’ll get expert education about the IRS rules that apply to these accounts – to keep your profits safe from the IRS
  • We’ll help you optimize & integrate your account with your overall financial strategy so that you get the highest tax deductions and ROI

You won’t get a set of “boiler-plate” documents accompanied by hype and marketing buzz.

Remember: These are tax structures, governed by complex tax law, that enable you to execute advanced tax strategies – so be sure you’re working with a firm that has the experience & credentials to help you succeed. ReSure is led by a credentialed CPA and nationally recognized expert in self-directed investing.