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  • RIA Essentials Service & Pricing Overview
  • We look forward to working with you through every step of the process, leveraging ReSure's expertise, resources and relationships. At the core of our offering to you are our educational resources, delivered through a combination of one-on-one expert sessions and web-based materials. The service includes establishment of a single-plan of your selection, which you'll choose through a guided process after getting started. Once a completed application is submitted, you'll be directed to a scheduling page at which you'll be able to self select a time for your initial 35 minute consult. During this consult you'll get discuss & select the Checkbook 401k or Checkbook IRA option of your preference. Your selected plan will then be implemented by ReSure. Once fully implemented, a follow-up 25 minute consult will be scheduled and you'll then be invited to ReSure's members only compliance & strategy educational webinars. For self-directed investors that elect to establish an IRA-owned LLC, the RIA Essentials service fee covers the state filing fee for low cost LLC domiciles to be selected at ReSure's discretion. The goal is to proactively deliver self-directed compliance & strategy, effectively & efficiently. Expertise, at scale!
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