Invest in Real Estate With IRA, 401(k), QRP, HSA, ESA

Self-Directed Tax-Advantaged Retirement Accounts


Total Control, Low-Cost SDIRA

Invest in: crypto, real estate syndications, startups and countless others – speedily & with total control.

Say NO to: pesky custodian paperwork, high fees, and investment restrictions.

Say YES to: total freedom, total transparency, and total control.

Account Features & Options

  • Includes: SDIRA + IRA-Owned LLC
  • LLC Asset Protection
  • Traditional/Roth IRA
  • LLC Banking Services
  • No Transaction Fees
  • FinCEN BOI Filing


Total Cost for SDIRA & LLC:

$597 one-time + 399/yr

Is ReSure SDIRA for me?

ReSure SDIRA is for you if you want to use a Self-Directed IRA to invest in alternative assets, but won’t be directly owning a “hard asset.” Express IRA is great for (i) investments in which there’s no hard asset and (ii) investments in which the hard asset is indirectly owned by the IRA-LLC. Express IRA is perfect for investing in real estate syndications, private placements, crowdfunding, crypto and other investments.

If your IRA-LLC will be a direct owner of a hard asset, a Custom Checkbook IRA is the perfectly suited to your needs.

If the funds you’ll be investing are coming from a 401k plan or Traditional IRA – and you have a Solo Business – a Custom Solo(k) may be a good fit.

If the funds you’ll be investing are in a Roth IRA, you must use an IRA to invest, as Roth IRA funds can NOT be rolled over to a Solo(k).

What is an SDIRA? What is an IRA-owned LLC?

A Self-Directed IRA, abbreviated as SDIRA, is an IRA account that can be used for the full array of investments allowed by the IRS. It is an IRA that does not have a the artificial investment restrictions imposed by financial institutions.

However, typical SDIRA investing is cumbersome and costly. This is because every SDIRA investment is manual processed by the SDIRA custodian, incurring substantial costs in terms of time, fees, paperwork.

The solution for this is creation of IRA-owned LLC, which is a specially structured entity owned by an SDIRA and controlled by you, to facilitate easy, streamlined, and low-cost self-directed investing.

What is the ReSure SDIRA process?

Complete the quick & easy application by clicking on the “Sign Up: Express IRA” button.

Within 2 business days, you’ll receive, via ReSure’s secure portal:

  • LLC Articles of Organization
  • LLC Operating Agreement
  • A link to securely complete your account setup with ReSure’s custody & banking partner

Fund the account and start investing in crypto, syndications, private placements and more!

What are the benefits of an IRA-LLC?

Use of an IRA-owned LLC provides the following benefits:

  • Substantially reduced SDIRA fees
  • Substantial reduction in required investment paperwork
  • Easy and streamlined SDIRA investing
  • Ability to pursue investments that can not be directly administered by an SDIRA custodian
  • Greatest available level of SDIRA control

ReSure Premium

Comprehensive Transaction Support

Sometimes there’s a chasm between SDIRA account services and your chosen investment.

Get comprehensive service and support to facilitate your chosen transaction.

Bridge that gap.

Transaction Service Features

  • Coordination of all transaction stakeholders
  • Assistance with all transaction paperwork
  • End-to-end white glove support
  • Whatever it takes to make it happen
  • Get answers to all the big and little questions
  • Extensive 1-1 Support for Your Transaction


Total Cost for ReSure Premium


Do I need ReSure Premium?

ReSure Premium is an optional add-on to ReSure SDIRA account service. You can, and most of our clients do, self-direct your IRA without signing up for ReSure Premium.

Should I get ReSure Premium?

ReSure Premium is recommended if you’re pursuing an investment that entails questions and documentation that are not routine in the SDIRA space.

Isn't this included in typical SDIRA services?

ReSure’s Express SDIRA service provides the most effective and cost-efficient SDIRA account service on the market, bar none. However, typical SDIRA account services include account set-up and account maintenance. Such services include only processing of very specific paperwork and support for general questions, placing the bulk of the transactional work on you.

While this works great for typical self-directed investments, it may not be adequate for more unique investments.

ReSure Premium is designed to address that service gap and bridge the gaps between SDIRA account services and your chosen investment, so that you can proceed with peace of mind and comprehensive support.

What's included in ReSure Premium?

With ReSure Premium services, ReSure will interact with all stakeholders and assist with investment-related paperwork, ensuring that document are properly completed and keeping all parties to the transaction up-to-date and aligned. The more parties to an investment, and the more unique the investment is, the greater the benefit of the service.

What if my chosen investment doesn't work out?

ReSure Premium service is offered as an alternative to hourly transaction consulting services provided by ReSure to SDIRA investors, nationwide. ReSure has provided SDIRA consulting services to investors who have their accounts established with any of the ~50 SDIRA account providers. ReSure Premium provides fixed-fee services that are substantially discounted from ReSure’s hourly rate. Please note that fees for service are earned and non-refundable, regardless of whether you pursue your chosen investment.

What assets can ReSure Self Directed Accounts be invested in?

  • Syndications
  • Hard Money Loans
  • Tax Liens
  • Office Buildings
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Mobile Home Parks
  • Residential Real Estate
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Senior Living
  • Healthcare
  • Merchant Cash Advance
  • Private Companies
  • Precious Metals
  • Litigation Finance
  • Pre-Settlement Funding
  • Structured Settlements
  • Bitcoin
  • Crypto
  • Life Settlements (possibly)
  • Viatical Settlements (possibly)
  • Retail centers
  • Hospitals
  • Warehouses
  • Parking Garages
  • Venture Capital
  • Promissory Notes
  • Vacation rentals
  • Shopping Centers
  • Peer-to-Peer Lending
  • Private Equity

ReSure LLC Review J Rosell

“ReSure’s integrity and expertise is superb! There is no other company like them… ReSure is the only firm that gives you a totally customized SDIRA or QRP account set-up, along with detailed guidance for every step of the process… As a ReSure client, I attest that they know more about taxes, LLCs, and self-directed investing than any CPA or attorney that I’ve spoken too.”

J Rosell

ReSure LLC Review Becky C: QRP & 401k

“ReSure LLC helped me rollover my 401K to a Solo 401K. It was a fast and easy process and when I needed help they were always just a phone call or email away with the answers. I would highly recommend ReSure LLC to anyone. Thank you Bernard for the personal help!”

Becky C.

ReSure LLC Review Bianca Perez

“Getting setup with a Self Directed 401k with ReSure and Bernard was simple and clear. ReSure was great at answering all my questions. A Self Directed 401k isn’t for everyone, but for those of you who are ready to take responsibility for your own growth and future, get setup with ReSure and you will not have any regrets.”

Bianca Perez

ReSure LLC Review Biana L

“ReSure helped me set up a Solo 401k account. The process was seamless and professional from start to finish. They were easy to contact and responded quickly via email and scheduled phone calls. They helped educate me on the process by answering all my questions. I am glad I chose ReSure and would recommend them without reservations.”

Biana L.

ReSure LLC Review Tosh H

“ReSure has been prompt with every questions I had before and after setting up my Checkbook IRA. Thank you for your amazing customer service!”

Tosh H.

ReSure LLC Reviews Dewayne C

“ReSure has really been patient with me as I have contacted them several times to get me started. Very appreciative to them for holding my hand and getting me through this.”

Dewayne C.

ReSure LLC Review Adam S

“ReSure was very informative and helpful in what I needed done. I highly recommend them. They are experts in what they do. ReSure communicates quickly and does a thorough job. They also charge less than others that I compared but do a better and more trustworthy job.”

Adam S.


“I have nothing but good thing to say about ReSure and their knowledge of setting up my Checkbook IRA. They walked me thru everything to expect and the dos-and-don’ts of having a Checkbook IRA and investing thru a Checkbook IRA. Compared to others, their price is very reasonable. Thanks ReSure.”

Fredrick J.

ReSure LLC Review Scott C S

“Thank you, ReSure, for all of your assistance and patience while setting up my Checkbook 401k plan and LLC. ReSure’s fees for this service were extremely reasonable, especially given the amount of extra time spent explaining specifics to me that before now I was not familiar with. Highly Recommended!!”

Scott S.