Checkbook Solo 401K Formation

Checkbook Control Solo 401K Plans are the most versatile tax-advantaged financial planning tool available to entrepreneurs. With a Checkbook 401k you can get annual tax benefits of up to $61,000 per year for each plan participant. With a Solo 401K Checkbook Plan you’ll be able to invest tax-free in real estate, private lending, crypto (Bitcoin and all other digital currencies), tax liens & deeds, livestock, precious metals & coins, mortgage notes, private businesses, and many other assets.

A Solo 401K-LLC is an investment entity funded by a Solo 401K Trust – subsequent plan investments can then be made in the name of the LLC, rather than by the Solo k itself. A Solo 401K LLC is not necessary to achieve checkbook control, but does provide additional liability protection and simplified investing. During the checkout process for your Solo K set-up, you can choose to have ReSure LLC facilitate Solo 401k-LLC formation at a discounted rate (if you already have an Individual 401k and want to form a Solo K-LLC, please use this application).

ReSure LLC will facilitate every aspect of your Solo 401k formation and provide guidance on compliant operation and strategy.