Podcast: Everything You Need To Know About Self-Directed Retirement Investing

Get answers to the most common questions  – and learn advanced strategies – related to Self-Directed IRA, Checkbook IRA, Self-Directed Solo 401k, and Checkbook 401k. Bernard Reisz CPA was interviewed by John Casmon of Casmon Capital for the Target Market Insights podcast to answer frequently asked questions about the use of tax-sheltered retirement accounts for real estate investing.

Get Answers To The Following Self-Directed IRA/401k FAQ

  • What is a difference between a Self-Directed Retirement Account and a Checkbook Control Retirement Account?
  • What is the difference between a Self-Directed IRA and Self-Directed Solo 401k?
  • Who is eligible for a Solo 401k?
  • What type of income qualifies for Solo 401k sponsorship?
  • What type of income DOES NOT qualify you for a Solo 401k?
  • Does real estate rental income qualify you for a Solo 401k?
  • Does real estate flipping qualify you for a Solo 401k?
  • Does real estate management income qualify you for a Solo 401k?
  • Can I participate in my employer’s 401k plan and have a Solo 401k plan for my self-employment income?
  • Can I contribute to a 401k at work and to an SDIRA?
  • Can my spouse participate in my Solo 401k Plan?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of Checkbook Control?
  • What are key considerations when setting up a Checkbook Control IRA?
  • What are UBIT, UBTI, and UDFI?
  • How is UDFI calculated and should it deter me from pursuing leveraged real estate investments?
  • Is a Solo 401k subject to UDFI tax?
  • Is real estate flipping subject to UBTI tax?
  • How can a C-corp be part of Self-Directed UBIT tax strategy?
  • How has self-directed tax strategy been impacted by 2017 Trump tax reform?
  • What are IRA and 401k prohibited transactions?
  • What are Checkbook IRA fees and fee components?
  • What is an LLC registered agent?

John was a great host and we covered all the high points of Self-Directed IRA/401k investment and compliance strategy. Listening to this podcast will make you any educated self-directed investor and empower you to take control of your financial future.