Podcast: Checkbook IRA & 401k For Real Estate Syndicators

Real Estate Syndication and Checkbook IRAs & Checkbook 401(k) Plans are the perfect match! Real estate syndicators raise capital for real estate deals and Self-Directed Retirement Accounts could, potentially, provide ~$28,000,000,000,000 to investment sponsors. Checkbook Control Retirement Accounts are the ideal bridge between those that need investment capital and those that have investable tax-sheltered assets.

Both syndicators and passive real estate investors will benefit from education about the incredible opportunity presented by Self-Directed IRAs and 401k plans, as well as the IRS guidelines that govern them. For a syndicator-centric perspective of SDIRA and SD401k real estate investing, listen to this episode of The Real Estate Syndication Show, hosted by real estate investor and syndicator Whitney Sewell of Life Bridge Capital.

SDIRA & Solo 401k Real Estate Syndication Topics Discussed on the Show:

  • What’s the difference between an IRA and and 401(k)?
  • What’s a QRP – a Qualified Retirement Plan?
  • Roth IRA, Roth Solo 401k vs Traditional IRA, Traditional 401k
  • Why do IRAs, 401(k)s and other Qualified Retirement Plans present huge opportunity for deal sponsors and investors?
  • What challenges do syndicates encounter when fund-raising from retirement accounts?
  • How does Checkbook Control simplify and streamline IRA/401k investing and capital-raising?
  • Who can have a Solo 401k? Do I need an LLC or corporation to qualify for a Solo 401k?
  • Why should investors strongly consider investing in real estate and other alternative investments?
  • Real Estate Investing vs Stock Market Investing
  • Structure of the retirement account industry
  • Fees and expenses associated with IRAs and 401k Plans
  • How to eliminate SDIRA and Solo 401k Fees using checkbook control
  • Long-term financial planning with retirement accounts and real estate
  • What are 401k Prohibited Transactions? What are SDIRA Prohibited Transactions?
  • What is UBIT? What is UDFI? What is UBTI?
  • UBIT/UDFI and Tax Strategy