Podcast: SDIRA Fundamentals & Advanced SDIRA Strategy

Checkbook IRA and SDIRA Topics Covered In-Depth

  • Why would you use a tax-sheltered IRA for investing?
  • Should you use a Roth IRA or Traditional IRA?
  • What is the 8th Wonder of the World and what does it have to with SDIRA?
  • What investments are allowed for IRA accounts?
  • What investments are not allowed for IRA accounts?
  • How can you invest in real estate with a Checkbook IRA?
  • How can you invest in private lending with an SDIRA? (Hint: You need Checkbook Control)
  • What is the optimal investment for a Checkbook IRA?
  • What is a Checkbook IRA?
  • What is Checkbook Control? Do I need Checkbook Control?
  • Are IRA and 401k the same thing? (Hint: They’re not)
  • Can I have a Solo 401k?
  • Why hasn’t my CPA introduced Self-Directed Retirement Accounts to me?
  • Why hasn’t my financial advisor told me about SDIRAs?
  • What is UBIT?
  • What is UDFI?
  • What is UBTI?
  • Is UBIT Bad?
  • Can UBIT be avoided?
  • What are SDIRA Prohibited Transactions?
  • Should UDFI deter me from investing in real estate with a Checkbook IRA?
  • How can you eliminate UBIT?

For answers to all those SDIRA questions – and many more – listen to this informative podcast episode.